The work at HCRN always starts with Hope. Hope in Christ to provide for the needs of our homeowners. Hope for a future where our homeowners are waking up in their own beds again. If we didn’t start with this Hope, we’d be failing as servants of Christ. Today’s story starts with a weedy lot and the Hope of what’s to come.

Recently, we met with Kyle Noble at her property to begin all the preliminary actions that go into construction. The property was surveyed and assessed by a member of our construction crew, discovering the challenges we’ll be facing during the rebuilding process. We talked her through some of these challenges and took in her property. Her lot includes a small mountain stream and in the rubble, you can see a rock wall, and brick landscaping. A beautiful starting point, and full of so much potential. The ground will need to be leveled out before building can begin, and a number of other necessary tasks will be undertaken before the proper building even begins. Sometimes, though, we need to look at where we are starting even as we dream about finishing a home.

On this day, Kyle talked about her plans to plant some trees and to replace the little bridge that once crossed the small stream. We walked all over the property and imagined the things that could be. She talked about her sons and their friends who would come over to their home and create new memories. It was a day filled with the future and joy. It was a day of Hope.

To change this weedy lot into a home will take time, plenty of volunteers and building materials. The process is just beginning, but you can get involved! With your support through volunteering or financial giving, we’ll be moving forward and turning Hope into Reality. To schedule a team of volunteers, visit our website and get involved! You can be part of that progress.

Sometime in the not too distant future, Kyle and her sons will call this place home. We’re looking forward to the journey with her, and the Hope of what the future will bring for this family.