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Hope Crisis Response Network (HCRN) is a 501 c3 not for profit organization located in Northern Indiana. Since our work began in 1999 we have assisted hundreds of communities and served over 20,000 families with resources needed to help recover from the impact of a man-made or natural disaster. From our work during 9/11 with Cantor Fitzgerald, the New York City Fire and Police Departments, hurricanes on the East and Gulf Coast to wildfires in the West, and tornadoes and floods in the Midwest, we focus our attention and resources to where the greatest needs are. Many times these needs come from small communities that are not on anyone’s radar.

Known as a Faith Based-Humanitarian organization we use a holistic approach that allows us to focus on the whole person. Physical, Emotional, Financial and Spiritual components are the key ingredients that allow for the greatest opportunity for healing, one without the other makes a recovery incomplete.

HCRN serves in all phases of disasters, providing Volunteers Services Statewide to cleanup & home rebuild/repairs, volunteer camps, volunteer deployment, church mentoring, emotional & spiritual care, community recovery development and our children’s camp City of Hope for Kids, which focuses on the emotional support for children. HCRN is able to provide what is needed, when it is needed.

HCRN is very blessed to be Governed by a hands on Board of Directors who not only provide leadership but give financially and serve in the field on many of our projects.

Serving Him, that we may serve others”

That has been our calling since the day we began. Each disaster is a new adventure serving families who are tragically impacted by disasters here in the United States. What a privilege it is to serve these dear families with an amazing staff and volunteers. Our volunteers travel from all over the U.S. & Canada to serve on a weekly basis. There could not be a successful recovery for the families we serve without these talented men and women who work tirelessly in the midst of death and destruction daily. The gift of love and labor allows us to create meaningful relationships with each other and the families we serve. HCRN provides all of our services free of charge and discrimination.

I hope that the next time your group is looking to serve,  you will consider serving with HCRN, as together we can Rebuild Homes and Restore Lives.

Serving Him, that we may serve others,


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Kevin Cox

Founder & CEO


Valerie Cox

Community Relations


Kevin Moss

Construction Manager

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