Thousands have been evacuated due to widespread wildfires throughout California. Lightning storms ignited numerous fires, and as of this writing there are 367 unique wildfires burning, 25 of which have become major fires. CALFire resources are spread quite thin and evacuations are being enacted early to keep people safe. These fires are dredging up a lot of painful memories in the communities we serve and they need your prayers as we continue to follow the growth of these fires.

Two major fires are within miles of our Middletown Dormitory. Currently the fire protection lines are holding, but be praying for calm winds and cooler weather.

Keep an eye on our Facebook Page as we will be posting evacuation notices and other news related to the fires.

We, alongside our community partners, are offering services to help with evacuees and any supplies they may need. Some homes have been destroyed, but full damage estimates are not available at this time.

Your financial gift at this time will support communities and individuals in need.

Thank you for helping us meet immediate needs in times of crisis

-The HCRN Team