This year HCRN and our building project, Hope City, were proud to be cosponsors of the AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) with North Coast Opportunities (NCO). We hosted a total of four teams, as these 18-24 year olds donated nearly a year of their life to serve communities across the US. On July 30, HCRN staff traveled to Sacramento, CA to celebrate the AmeriCorps graduation and to wish them well on their next adventures. To commemorate their time in our camps, we decided to highlight what the teams have accomplished since they came to us in November of 2018.

All of our AmeriCorps teams worked on homes, learned to use power tools, and most importantly learned to work as a team. Here’s a peak at what they worked on in each county:

In Mendocino County, these teams spent time working on three homes, working from the very beginning of the process and seeing what a finished home looks like. Between the extreme heat and the very wet winter here in Northern California, it’s safe to say these groups experienced the full range of what Northern California has to offer. Along the way though, they learned how to do siding, what the electrical lines in a house look like, even getting to help dig trenches for utility runs to homes. They were always willing to learn, and their hard work was appreciated, not just by our construction team, but by our homeowners who were always so excited to see the teams on site.

In Lake County, our teams worked on our first ADA compliant home. The team built relationships around the community and sat down to dinner with our volunteer teams as they made their way through camp. It was a time for growth for many of the young adults, and our staff was happy to help them on their way. Later in the year, another team worked with the Parks Department to help with Middletown Days, a yearly celebration that culminates in a rodeo next door to our camp. At every turn, the community has praised the efforts of each team and been so thankful for all of their help and work in the community.

Finally, in Butte County, our AmeriCorps team was only there for a short 10 day period but accomplished so much. From assisting with fencing on properties, to working at the food distribution center, there was no shortage of work or need. The community of Paradise was ravaged by a deadly and destructive fire late in 2018, and part of this team’s time was spent helping to clear logs, distribute bottled water and serve meals for those still in the community. It was some of the most impactful work the team had done and inspired a new level in their service.

We are so proud of all of our AmeriCorps teams, and can’t thank them enough for all they’ve done to help these communities. Their hearts are full and HCRN can’t wait to hear about what amazing things these young adults will do in the world after leaving the NCCC program. If you think AmeriCorps sounds like a good fit for you, you can visit their website here. They’re always looking for passionate young adults who want to make a difference.

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