Inspiring Hope – Join me as I feature incredible people who are making a difference for families affected by the wildfires in Lake County, California.  I have the privilege of meeting homeowners, volunteers and local business leaders who are making Lake County a better place.  Hope City volunteers travel from across the country to work on our building projects.  Today we focus on two Hoosiers who have made the trip to California twice their year. 

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Indiana is more than 2,200 miles away from Middletown, California, but two men have made the trip twice this year to serve with Hope City and help rebuild homes.

Ken Troutman organizes work teams around the world, in fact he travels overseas about six times each year, but says it’s been a joy to volunteer here.  Ken says, “The fire brought a tremendous amount of trauma and loss and I can’t imagine driving away from your home as the fire consumes it, yet you can feel the love in this place.”  Ken brought a team in March that included Terry Keck, another volunteer from Northern Indiana.  The two flew to California in October for their second trip and joined other volunteers on the rebuilding project.

The two men worked this week at laying out and wiring rebar for a foundation on Cobb.  They also installed plumbing for two homes in Middletown.

Terry said he enjoyed volunteering in Lake County, “we’ve enjoyed the people we work with and the families we work for, you can see the sincerity in their responses as they thank us for helping with their homes.  They have been wonderful to meet and help.”

Terry expects to return for two trips again next year and will likely bring his wife along.  She was part of the March team that worked in Middletown.  Terry said, “I’ll be praying for you, praying that the mission continues and for each person at Hope City.”

Ken Troutman said God sparked his interest in volunteer work teams about 15 years ago when he traveled to Ecuador with Kevin Moss, construction manager at Hope City.  At that time, Moss was leading overseas work crews.  Ken says his greatest joy is inspiring others to travel overseas to volunteer, but he loves working in the United States and bringing volunteers who are not interested in international travel.

Ken’s volunteer work included our first Hope City rebuilding camp in Gulfport, Mississippi, following Hurricane Katrina.  He towed one of the units to Gulfport when Hope Crisis Response Network set up a rebuilding camp.  He also coordinated several work teams who helped build homes in Gulfport.

We’re thankful for volunteers whether they are long-time friends or new friends.  Hope City staff focuses on providing a good team experience where volunteers have meaningful work with the proper tools and materials on hand, good food after a hard day of work and a good night’s rest.

Have you planned your volunteer trip?  We are scheduling teams for 2017 right now.  Call or email today and we’ll get you the information you need to plan a trip.

You can rebuild homes, restore lives!

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