Inspiring Hope – Join me as I feature incredible people who are making a difference for families affected by the wildfires in Lake County, California.  I have the privilege of meeting homeowners, volunteers and local business leaders who are making Lake County a better place.  Local partners make the difference in our rebuilding projects  Today we focus on a family owned lumber yard that’s putting together the material for a winning home for Lake County residents.

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Kelseyville Lumber and Supply carries a lot more than just 2×4’s and the Hope City staff is very appreciative of their many supplies.  Mark Borghesani leads this family owned business that started back in 1956.  Mark was one of the business leaders that HCRN CEO Kevin Cox and Construction Manager Kevin Moss sought out early in their work in Lake County.



Kevin Cox was looking for a company that could provide the materials they would need for the homes they were planning to rebuild for fire survivors.

Mark said recently, “I met a lot of people in business and even at the first meeting with them, I realized that they knew what they were talking about, I knew this project was something that could benefit a lot of people.”

So the team worked together, Mark looked over the Hope City home building plans and building materials list and put together a cost estimate.  Mark said,



“I felt it was very important to be a resource for them.  Companies outside of the area were recommending Kelseyville Lumber to them.  They are spending dollars locally which helps local families and of course they are rebuilding homes for needy families.”


He said, “Our partnership offers Hope City value, we have the materials they need, but we are also able to deliver in a timely manner, help with things like lifting trusses onto the house and placing roof materials on the roof.”  Kelseyville Lumber is in the unique position of being able to provide all the building materials necessary for the Hope City rebuilds.

Mark said, “I talk with local contractors who see a house going up and think that Hope City is taking business away from them, but when you explain that they are building for a family that would never be able to hire a contractor, a job that would never go out for bid, they realize the need for Hope City.”

Our staff is so thankful for Mark, Kelseyville Lumber, the wonderful staff both in the store and on the road.

We couldn’t build homes without a good supplier and we have a great supplier in Kelseyville Lumber!