Inspiring Hope – Join me as I feature incredible people who are making a difference for families affected by the wildfires in Lake County, California.  I have the privilege of meeting homeowners, volunteers and business people who are making Lake County a better place.  Today we feature something a little different, a building designed to make a difference.  Visit our previous post through this link and meet a couple building back what the fire destroyed.

Volunteers are the stars that make our motto come to life:  Rebuilding Homes, Restoring Lives.  We love to host teams of volunteers.  They come and work for a week, building homes, connecting to homeowners, sharing their faith and changing a community.

Our staff always puts three things in place to make the work week a success:  Good work, good food and good sleep.

So why would I focus on the volunteer dorm, when we have been focusing on Inspiring Hope.

Because having a home, gives us a place to consistently house volunteers, host work teams and most importantly build homes.  Like many in Lake County, we have moved from spot to spot, our hosts have been gracious and kind, but to really make progress and see the results we need our own home.  

We have a plan for a beautiful building that will provide the housing for our hard-working volunteers.   The dorm includes men’s and women’s dorms, shower facilities, a kitchen for meals for our teams and tool sheds for our equipment.

The demolition of the former building on the property is underway and we look forward to the new facility.



HCRN CEO Kevin Cox recorded an update on site.

A major project like this does not come together without a great deal of support and we have been blessed with great partners.  Thank you to the Middletown Central Park Association for providing the property.

Kevin Smith Construction has provided the demolition of the former building.

And a big thank you to the Lake County Rising for their financial support of this project.  They have caught the vision and partnered with us to provide all of the building materials for this beautiful dorm.

We are excited to see this project move forward!!