Thank you to the North Valley Community Foundation and Tri Counties Bank!

HCRN is proud to announce our partnership with North Valley Community Foundation to secure volunteer housing in Butte County. HCRN and our rebuilding project, Volunteers Rebuilding Our Community (VROC), were awarded $250,000 through the Butte Strong Fund. This is a huge step toward our goal of rebuilding using volunteer labor throughout Butte County in response to the Camp Fire that devastated this community.

Additionally, HCRN is also pleased to announce $129,000 in funding from Tri Counties Bank which will also go towards our volunteer housing needs. We are so proud to partner with both of these organizations as we continue Rebuilding Homes and Restoring Lives.

HCRN and our rebuilding project, VROC, anticipate our response to the Butte County recovery to last up to seven years. As always, recovery is a marathon, not a sprint, and we look forward to strengthening the community as it recovers, and showing them the love of Christ through the efforts of our volunteers and partners. HCRN uses a volunteer model which brings in teams of up to 40 individuals to work on home rebuilds a week at a time. This is a proven model and brings an element of emotional healing and support as our homeowners interact with the volunteers. We anticipate building up to 160 homes over this time period prioritizing vulnerable populations such as the elderly, veterans, single parent homes and low income individuals.