Timing and patience are a big factor in every build we do here at HCRN. Building in an area that has been so affected by wildfires over the course of the last few years means that building supplies are in high demand. The story of Armand Thibideau’s home starts with waiting three months while trusses were on back order for his home.

Armand is known as Mickey to his friends, and he tries to keep a close eye on his property. His security cameras give him a look at his bare lot, where he lives in a travel trailer and stores his possessions in a storage trailer. Mickey has a disability and his home is the first Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant house we will have completed. Rebuilding efforts for his home began in the summer of 2018. Plumbing for his accessible home and his cement pad was poured in July, but then building had to take a break. The demand for trusses in Northern California had pushed our regular order out three months. Hope City Construction Manager Bill Johnson did not want to move ahead with building walls for the home to then leave them to twist and dry in the summer heat. So Mickey’s home waited.

As the time grew close for the truss delivery, Hope City volunteers from Santa Rosa First United Methodist Church worked on framing walls and added sheeting. The action really kicked into gear this week when trusses arrived and volunteers from Mountain Springs Community Church in Utah made the final preparations for setting the trusses. Tuesday morning, the trusses were delivered and the team set into action and fired on all cylinders to get them set. Mickey wasn’t home when the trusses were delivered, but he opened his tablet and was watching as the team installed the trusses. He was pretty excited to get back home and see the progress they’d made.

We asked Pastor Peter DeVries why they chose to serve in Middletown. He said, “It is what we do, but it’s at the core of our values as well. As Christians we want to make sure our values are reflected in our actions. To be able to serve here, to help Mickey, he has a disability but he continues to use technology, to challenge himself, to look forward to his home. It’s been great to meet him and talk with him. We’ve exchanged emails. We’ve sent him pictures and he’s sent us pictures.”

It was a 12 hour drive for the team, but they took to the road to head back home. Tired, with a few sore muscles, but convinced God had orchestrated a great week for them. So much of what we do is about timing and patience, luckily, everything works on God’s timing. We’re so thankful for this wonderful team and all they’ve done to get Mickey home!.