A solid home is built on a firm foundation. That’s where every home starts, from the bottom up. Before a foundation can even be poured, however, a lot needs to happen. Ground needs to be excavated, dirt needs to be hauled away, forms need to be built to hold the cement, and, finally, a foundation is poured. Thanks to Peterson and their partner Navistar, we now have equipment specifically for this type of work. They proudly presented Hope Crisis Response Network with an excavator and dump truck, both of which will be put to good use as we continue responding to the wildfires of Northern California.

HCRN has made a name for ourselves as a dedicated servant to these communities. Dean Soiland, owner of the BoDean Corporation, works with both Peterson and HCRN and had this to say about the equipment: “I’ve seen first hand the hard work of Hope City and their volunteers and I know this donation will continue to assist families.” He trusts us to be good stewards, and to be a blessing to his community.

That’s what Hope City is all about: working to get people home and as quickly as possible. Every donation like this means so much to our organization, and the families we work with. The kindness and generosity espoused by Peterson and Navistar will push our organization to better service.

HCRN CEO Kevin Cox summed it up best, saying “This new equipment will allow us to grade and excavate for home foundations. We’ll be able to prepare sites and complete the finish work at the end. We’re so thankful for Peterson and Duane Doyle as this is another tool to help return families home.”

Doyle, who has witnessed the devastation in his own community, said “We have all been affected by the fires. We have four people here who lost their homes in the Tubbs Fire. When I was asked to help with the rebuilding efforts, I knew we could provide some help.”

Asking for help can be the most difficult part of the rebuilding process. Asking for help means admitting that we are not as strong or as capable on our own as we’d like to imagine we are. But when we do ask, our communities come to our aid. There shouldn’t be shame associated with survivors needing a little extra help from the world around them.

Peterson stepped up to donate this equipment because of two very important relationships. The first was Kevin Cox’s relationship with Dean Soiland, and Cox trusting Soiland to share the need of the community. The second was Soiland’s relationship with Peterson and Duane Doyle, realizing Peterson might be able to fill that need. Because of the relationships we’ve built in Northern California, we’ve become better equipped to serve

Much the same way, we operate by asking for volunteers and in-kind donations from our network spanning across North America. Your service matters and makes a difference. We see this dump truck and excavator and envision how many individuals will be positively impacted.

Thank you again, Peterson and Navistar for your generous donation and commitment to your community.