As a member of the Body of Christ, the most amazing thing to remember is that we are not alone in our endeavors. Because of our shared call to serve, HCRN likes to work with other organizations to help fill our volunteer needs, and the needs of our home owners. This week we were host to a team from Mennonite Disaster Service, an organization whose mission is to respond in Christian love to those affected by disaster. We love building relationships amongst the body as it enables all of us to serve the Lord and his people more effectively.

The MDS group this week had the pleasure of working on a house from the foundation up, and wow did they work hard. Not only that, but they worked on our first home in Mendocino County. We were so grateful for everything they were able to accomplish over the course of their time here. With the recent fires in Northern California, and the high demand on building supplies, roof trusses have been on back order for three months while manufacturers tried to catch up to the need. Luckily, this energetic crew was in camp as the trusses for this home arrived.

The team installed floor joists as well as flooring and then moved on to putting up the exterior walls. From there, they sheeted the exterior and wrapped the whole house in Tyvek. Then they moved on to installing the long awaited roof trusses! With roof trusses comes roof sheeting and shingles, and once you have a shell put up, it’s time for doors and windows. In very short order, this team managed to accelerate this build and move one of our home owners that much closer to being home.

As evidenced by how much they accomplished, this was a very hard working crew with a lot of energy and excitement for serving others. This team was from Indiana and had a 40 drive out to Northern California. Paul, the home owner, was so appreciative for all the hard work the team did, he brought pizza to the job site every day. The locals stopped by as progress was made to admire the new build and see the team work. Paul and his daughter will live in the home. The team stayed at the MDS camp in Clearlake and made an hour long trip to the work site each day. Hope City is so appreciative for our partnership with MDS, and we look forward to the next group that makes its way to our camp.

Truly, it’s amazing what we can do as followers of Christ when we work together to serve those in need. That’s why we’d love for you to join us in our service. You can help in one of three ways:
1) Volunteer with us and donate your time and talents to others.
2) Donate to our various projects through our new text to donate program. Text ‘HCRN’ to 77977 to get started!
3) Pray for our camps, our teams and especially our home owners as they count down the days until they’re home again.