As January comes to a close, we’re so happy to see the near completion on another one of our home rebuilds. Jocelyn French lives up on Cobb Mountain and lost her home in the Valley Fire of 2015. She’s grateful for so many things, and especially the volunteers who have helped work on her home, but today we wanted to focus on a few of the things she’s most excited about.

The power to her home was connected recently which is a huge step toward moving into her new home. In that same vein, all of her appliances have been delivered and are being installed. There are two big things being finished up soon: connecting her home to sewer and installing the propane tank which will be used for heating. She’s looking forward the most to her new washing machine and dryer. Living in a motor home has made laundry especially difficult, and relying on the laundromat leads to a number of other logistics issues. Jocelyn said she’s can’t wait to have a nice hot shower and a full sized refrigerator. Her fridge in the motor home is pretty small and has a tendency to freeze things if she’s not careful.

She has a two bedroom home with one and a half bathrooms. Her front porch looks out toward the mountain, which is still covered in burned trees. But you can hear the mountain creek at the bottom of the hill when you sit at her picnic table. It’s peaceful and it feels like home.

As was mentioned above, she’s very thankful for the volunteers who have worked on her home, because she wouldn’t have a home without all that they have done. Meeting so many new and loving people has been a huge joy for her. The passion the volunteers of Hope City have brought to the project has made a big impact on Jocelyn.

Stay tuned for Jocelyn’s Home Dedication which will be happening very soon!