Fire survivors still need your support. The COVID-19 crisis has affected everyone across the globe, but our homeowners have been especially affected by the conditions it has caused. HCRN lost two months of building time while Shelter in Place orders left most of the state at home. Home for many of our families is temporary situations like RVs. Construction staff started back to work on May 4th with new onsite health and safety policies. This week we’re going to talk about some of the ways we’re continuing to work to get families back into safe, stable and sanitary housing, even during the pandemic.

Due to travel restrictions, the ability for volunteers to even make it to our projects has been impeded. Travel is a huge concern for those coming to serve with us, and is why many of our teams have postponed their trips indefinitely. To compensate for this, HCRN has had to replace volunteers with paid staff. We have made it a priority to hire out-of-work, local builders to continue our projects across Northern California.

This is a temporary solution until volunteers are able to return again. Please be praying for us, that we would find the finances to fund additional staff for our open projects. We were able to make these hires in part thanks to grants from United Way of the Wine Country in Sonoma County, and the American Red Cross in Shasta County. The work is back on track, and hopefully that gives a little peace of mind to our homeowners. We will still be rebuilding for all of our homeowners free of charge. 

Our largest change will be the overall policies in place until the end of the pandemic. You can find our new policies here. You will notice that these are rather extreme policies for cleanliness and worksite health. These are based on guidelines from phase one of reopening as outlined by the State of California and the CDC. As counties reopen, based upon their response to the pandemic, we will be loosening these policies to align with current guidelines from county health officials. Still, it is important for our volunteers to know how serious HCRN takes this health crisis, and how it affects many of our older volunteers and the vulnerable populations for whom we rebuild.

With these policies in place, HCRN has created a safe environment for volunteers. We will be utilizing smaller teams staying with us for the time being. Under this new, temporary model, teams will be 6-10 per deployment and we will recruit with a focus on skilled labor. We have added additional sanitation stations and will require social distancing etiquette. Our volunteers are our greatest asset, and we look forward to our continued partnership.

We are currently recruiting individuals with experience in finish work. If you would like to donate your time and talents, contact Travis Cox at [email protected] We ask that you continue to keep us in your prayers and if you feel led to donate, you can follow this link.