Thank you for your concern for HCRN, our staff and our homeowners. Although we are experiencing power shut offs, high winds, and fire, at this time everyone is safe. We appreciate your offers of help and please follow our Facebook page for updates.

All shelters are currently at capacity. With the on going power shut offs, shelters are difficult to open and maintain. The shut offs have also made it difficult for our church partners to respond as effectively as they would like.

Most of Santa Rosa, CA is evacuated due to the Kincade Fire. This includes our build sites in the neighborhood of Coffey Park, and our Sonoma County staff. This has not stopped our staff from serving displaced families during the evacuations.

Although the Kincade Fire is the largest active fire at this point, the Burris Fire ignited Sunday in Mendocino County has led to evacuations and road closures. It threatens some of our newly rebuilt homes in Mendocino.

High winds are predicted for several more days this week. We continue to provide assistance for those evacuated. We will respond as needed after the fires are contained.

The graphic below gives a very brief overview of the Kincade Fire. Feel free to share this and encourage those around you to pray.  

Serving Him, that we may serve others

Kevin Cox