We here at HCRN like to focus on all the good work our volunteers do throughout the year. Without them, our endeavors would never even make it off the ground. That’s why today we’re asking for you and your teams to start thinking about next year and when you’d like to come to Northern California and assist in the rebuilding lot homes for those affected by natural disaster.

When you work with us, you can expect three promises: Good Work, Good Food, and Good Rest. Taking time out of your life to work with us is such a blessing to our home owners, we make sure that your time is well respected and well used. We need people with all types of home construction experience, and those with limited experience, too! If you’re willing to volunteer with us, we’re willing to find ways you can best help.

Now our promises are straightforward and simple:
1) Good Work: You’ll always have the supplies you need for the job we send you out to do.
2) Good Food: We make sure you’re well fed. We don’t want you losing weight while you’re volunteering.
3) Good Rest: Comfortable beds, and time to unwind from the day.

So how can you get involved? Simple! Feel free to email Tim Saunders at [email protected] or follow this link if you’d like to work in a specific county in Northern California.

We need your help, and we can’t wait to work with you and your team!