Happy New Year! It’s January and here are a few of things we’d love for you to be praying over!

We are into the rainy season and we are praying for our staff. The wet weather brings with it many challenges, and we pray that each of our staff members stays safe and healthy as they go about the work of getting people home.

We are praying over the construction plans for dormitories in Shasta and Butte counties. These sites are necessary for HCRN as we begin our rebuilding projects in these areas.

We are close to finished on a number of home rebuilds, and we are praying for those homeowners specifically as they see the light at the end of the tunnel. In addition, we are praying for grace over all of our homeowners.

As 2020 begins, our last prayer is for a generous supply of volunteers to all of our rebuilding sites across Northern California. Volunteers are how we finish these rebuilds and get people home. This also includes praying over our AmeriCorps teams as they come into these communities. We always pray that individual agendas will be left at the door, and that these volunteers will accomplish what it is God has sent them to do.