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Who we Help

We serve individuals, families and communities impacted by natural or man-made disasters through emergency response, short and long term recovery.

How we Help

Let us help you find the disaster assistance that you need. You can find resources here and any links from FEMA registrations to finding a loved one.

We need your support

Through your support from your prayers, time, financial support, and sharing of your gifts, we are able to reach families and help them recover.

About Hope Crisis Response Network

Hope Crisis Response Network (HCRN) is a 501 c3 not for profit organization located in Northern Indiana. Since our work began in 1999 we have assisted hundreds of communities and served over 20,000 families with resources needed to help recover from the impact of a man-made or natural disaster. From our work during 9/11 with Cantor Fitzgerald, the New York City Fire and Police Departments, hurricanes on the East and Gulf Coast to wildfires in the West, and tornadoes and floods in the Midwest, we focus our attention and resources to where the greatest needs are. Many times these needs come from small communities that are not on anyone’s radar.

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Create a Lasting Impact on Communities

Hope Crisis Response Network: Rebuilding Homes, Restoring Lives

Rebuilding Homes

After disaster strikes, families are left on the streets.  It is our purpose to get them back home.

Restoring Lives

Victims of disaster need more than a home.  They need their lives restored in so many ways.

Our Mission

To serve individuals, families and communities impacted by natural or man-made disasters.

Our Vision

We create long lasting relationships and have an impact on those that we serve.

Faith Based

From our work, lives are transformed through unconditional love and good witness.

Advocate Communities

We assist entire communities to develop a rebuild plan while coordinating and deploying volunteers.

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Do you have a valuable skill that disaster-struck communities can benefit from?  We want you to join our volunteer network.  We constantly are merging groups of people who are skilled in many different ways.  Check out our volunteer assessment form to see how you can help communities recover from natural disasters.