Every person we get home is one step closer to a community that feels whole. Charlotte Frost lost her home in the Valley Fire that nearly destroyed all of Middletown. As Frost has worked to get back home, she has dealt with cancer and treatments, as well as a number of other medical issues. Her son, Daniel, has been her biggest advocate, and we are so happy to welcome the Frosts home!

On many of our projects here in Middletown, CA, HCRN has partnered with a number of organizations to help get people home. In working on getting Charlotte home, we went through the Cal Home program and Hammers for Hope. This program has brought $4 million into Lake County to help with rebuilds. Other agencies involved in getting Frost home include Hammers for Hope, North Coast Opportunities, Catholic Charities, the Mennonite Disaster Service, and of course our own Hope city. Lake County is a very special place that is doing everything it can to restore its community.

At Frost’s dedication we had so many fantastic programs represented, including Team Lake County. It is the long term recovery organization working to restore communities throughout Lake County after many devastating fires over the last several years. David Thurber, chair of Team Lake County, had a special connection to Charlotte getting home. He and his wife also lost their home in the Valley Fire. “Why this is so incredibly personal to me is that we’re less than 100 yards away from the home that my wife and I lived in,” Thurber said. It was because of the Valley Fire tragedy that he and his wife became so active in the community, and in the rebuilding efforts. Thurber went on to say, “I’m fortunate to live, work and be a part of a community I now love and cherish and have this opportunity. Every family we get home is one step closer to the recovery of our community. We couldn’t be happier for you!”

Another familiar face at Charlotte’s dedication was Moke Simon. Simon has been a major driving force in his community’s recovery. While being involved in rebuilding, he also holds a seat as a county supervisor and the high school football coach. To say Simon is proud of his community and its recovery is an understatement. In welcoming Frost home, Simon said, “Lake county is the place to live if you want to be a community member that cares about other people. This community is coming back. This is one more dedication, and one more family we’ve been able to get home.”

At every home dedication, HCRN gives out several gifts to our homeowners. For Charlotte, we had a lovely cross, as a reminder that the work we do is an expression of our love for Christ; a signed copy of “The Peanuts” from the Schulz family, who have been great supporters of our ministry; and a lovely wall decoration to make their new home feel like home. Middletown Bible Church, another of our partners, also presents a brand new bible. For Frost, we had her case manager, Peggy O’Day, present the last two items: a quilt made with love and Charlotte’s house keys. O’Day said,“I’ve been waiting for this day. Lots of love. Bless everybody!”

We asked Frost if there was anything she’d like to say. In a very soft voice, close to tears, she said, “I’d just like to say thank you for everything.” We’d like to thank Charlotte and her son, Daniel, for letting us be a part of their lives. We are so incredibly happy for you: Welcome Home Frosts!

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