Planning a volunteer trip takes quite a bit of coordinating, and you’ll likely have many skilled people ready to work. Making sure your group is putting their time and talents to good use is our top priority. That’s why we at Hope City decided to give you a little insight into how we do things at our camp. Our promise to you and your team is Good Work, Good Rest and Good Food!

Our first promise to you is Good Work. We’re in the business of returning people home, which means you’ll be doing any number of things necessary to put a house in full working order. When you get into camp you can expect plenty of projects waiting for you and your team. We provide every tool you could possibly need for the job site you’ll be working, but you’re more than welcome to bring your own! Expect materials to be onsite and ready for use. You’ll also be working with one of our construction mangers, who will be able to guide you through each project.

Next, Good Rest and your relaxation after a day on a job site. The work is hard, there’s no way around that, but we do our best to make your evenings refreshing. You’ll come back to our dorms where you’ll have a real bed with a real mattress. Of course, you’ll still be sharing a room with other members of your team, but a bed goes a long way towards restoring your body after a day of work. Housing is completely air conditioned, the heat stays on the job site and doesn’t need to follow you to bed. We also leave you with plenty of comfy spaces to sit for games, devotions and everything in between. After that long day on the job, you’ll also be ready ready for a shower. A real shower, that doesn’t turn cold after a minute or two. We want you comfortable and rested so your next day can be as fulfilling as the last.

Finally, Good Food, the basis for keeping you going throughout the week. Breakfast and dinner are always at the dorm, and cooked fresh for you. Your team will have access to our commercial grade kitchen. Your cooks can prepare meals to their heart’s content. Lunch is a simple sack lunch put together at breakfast, and we encourage you to take along a lunch for your homeowner, too! Nothing brings people together like food and a meal together. You came to work, which means you need to be properly nourished. You didn’t come to lose weight, and we’re gonna make sure you don’t.

There’s so much more for you to experience when you’re in camp, and we can’t cover it all today. Hopefully, though, this has given you a snapshot of all the things to look forward to and how to best come prepared. Our promise is Good Work, Good Rest and Good Food because that’s the back bone of Rebuilding Homes and Restoring Lives.

To schedule a volunteer team, email Travis Cox at [email protected], or phone at 574-333-7728.

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